Airlock Mechanical Engineer

EuroTube is a professional team of engineers, scientists and mission operatives who build Europe’s first test infrastructure for vacuum transportation that can operate vehicles efficiently in the target speed regime of 700 to 900 km/h – a minimal requirement for vactrain concepts. Accommodating the interest of universities and engineering companies who need test facilities to develop the technology in a sustainable way, EuroTube provides a non-profit testing platform with a 3km-long, -scaled and accessible vacuum tube in Switzerland. Hence EuroTube is growing an interdisciplinary team that is responsible for the design, engineering and construction of key elements of this infrastructure.

The EuroTube Airlock

In order to make an efficient, fast and safe transition between ambient pressure and near vacuum, EuroTube is developing together with its leading industry partner an airlock as known from manned space stations. With respect to existing gate valves used for ultra high vacuum, the EuroTube system can be designed for lower sealing requirements resulting in much more functionality and giving room to all-new and innovative designs and materials. This opportunity is used to cover the full development cycle over concept study, simulation & design, manufacturing and deployment, seeking not only completion of the airlock system, but creating a new market product as a whole. Particularly the challenges of thermal expansion, fast actuation and low cost are tackled by the airlock mechanical engineer in close collaboration with our designer and our partner’s engineers with their experience in vacuum technology.

  • Concept study of vacuum gate valves, seals, actuation mechanisms and interfaces
  • Dimensioning, simulation and quantitative analysis of the gate valve and its mechanisms
  • Novel industrial materials and coatings research and design selection
  • Prototyping and construction of the high-performing gate valves and integration in the overall airlock structure

Your Profile

  • BSc. or higher degree in applied or mechanical engineering sciences and equivalent
  • Comprehensive experience in FEM simulation of embedded structures and mechanisms
  • Hands on experience with integration and design of machinery and components
  • Team player and entrepreneurial curiosity to work in a highly dynamic environment
  • Highly motivated and own initiative to make a change with exceptional contribution

If that sounds like you and you want to learn more about joining us, please send us a few motivational sentences together with some background information.