Linear motor engineer

EuroTube is a professional team of engineers, scientists and mission operatives who build Europe’s first test infrastructure for vacuum transportation that can operate vehicles efficiently in the target speed regime of 700 to 900 km/h – a minimal requirement for vactrain concepts. Accommodating the interest of universities and engineering companies who need test facilities to develop the technology in a sustainable way, EuroTube provides a non-profit testing platform with a 3km-long, -scaled and accessible vacuum tube in Switzerland. Hence EuroTube is growing an interdisciplinary team that is responsible for the design, engineering and construction of key elements of this infrastructure.

Responsibilities of the Linear Motor Engineer

A track-side linear motor is embedded in the infrastructure to ensure global system efficiency and allow for high pod acceleration without substantially increasing the pod’s mass as the motor and power equipment such as coils and energy source are moved to the track. A designated first generation linear motor is thus to be implemented in the launch zone of the 3km tube.  The main challenges of the unprecedented nature and speeds of such a linear motor are tackled together with our industry partners, suppliers and research institutions and involve in particular the high-speed control design of the power electronics architecture and the motor-pod interaction such as dynamics analysis and communication. With a passion to closely collaborate with leading experts in this field, the Linear Motor Engineer is in a position to develop a key engineering component that brings many benefits and the following main responsibilities:

  • Implementation of track-side motor optimised for energy efficiency and operational costs
  • Dedicated research and prototyping of high-speed motor control
  • Design of power architecture, elaborated cooling concept and integration in tube
  • Final controls design and definition of motor-pod interfaces as feedback/communication design

Your Profile

  • MSc. or higher degree in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • Knowledge in control of high-speed dynamics and power electronics such as electric motors
  • Practical experience in applied power electronics beneficial
  • Team player and entrepreneurial curiosity to work in a highly dynamic environment

If you are interested in learning more about joining us, please send us a few motivational sentences together with some background information.