Tube Climate Engineer

EuroTube is a professional team of engineers, scientists and mission operatives who build Europe’s first test infrastructure for vacuum transportation that can operate vehicles efficiently in the target speed regime of 700 to 900 km/h – a minimal requirement for vactrain concepts. Accommodating the interest of universities and engineering companies who need test facilities to develop the technology in a sustainable way, EuroTube provides a non-profit testing platform with a 3km-long, -scaled and accessible vacuum tube in Switzerland. Hence EuroTube is growing an interdisciplinary team that is responsible for the design, engineering and construction of key elements of this infrastructure.

Background Description for the Tube Climate Analysis

EuroTube operates at pressures as low as 1 mbar. In addition to the unusual low pressure environment, the tube’s surroundings (diurnal variations and annual extremes such as sun & snow) as well as the transients during pump-down and ventilation significantly affect the inner tube climate. While internal pressure, which is controlled by the large vacuum pump installation, represents the main operational parameter and driver of propulsive efficiency, the temperature and humidity (due to condensation) are more challenging to control, but play a key role for the integrity of the tube equipment and the pumping efficiency. In order to assess the impact of the tube climate, possible long-term scenarios and to foresee appropriate measures, the EuroTube climate analyst performs the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Internal environmental simulation of the tube for normal and extreme operation under the influence of the following parameters: Pressure, humidity, temp. and their variation
  • Discussion of results with structural engineering team for thermal stress analysis
  • Assessment of impact on operation and identification of hazards such as corrosion
  • Definition of measures to ensure integrity and durability of equipment

Your Profile

  • BSc. or higher degree in applied environmental sciences or engineering with a focus and experience in a similar field of studies.
  • Experience in quantitative environmental modeling and simulation
  • Team player and entrepreneurial curiosity to work in a highly dynamic environment
  • Own initiative and ability to independently lead designated studies

If you are interested in learning more about joining our team, please send us a few motivational sentences together with some background information.