Connecting cities at high speeds in a sustainable way

Illustration: Stefan Scherrer

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After several design and prototype iterations we presented the second generation of our high performance concrete material.

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Sustainable Transport

Emissions from international air transport are increasing and make it impossible to achieve our climate goals.

Vacuum Transport is the next evolution in rail-based transport. Also known as Hyperloop, the technology is fast, sustainable and comfortable. Most importantly however, the technology can replace harmful air transport and is in line with the UN climate goals.


Illustration: Stefan Scherrer


Illustration: Stefan Scherrer

Vacuum Transport

Traveling at the speeds of an airplane with the ecological footprint of a train.

Vacuum Transport is a high-speed and rail-guided transport system. In the future this 100% electrically powered system will make a spontaneous lunch with friends on the opposite side of the continent very possible. Inside this system, vehicles, or so-called pods for both passengers and goods, travel in a network of vacuum tubes. Depending on geographical conditions, this happens underground or on the Earth’s surface.

Platform for collaboration

We work with a cluster of universities, companies and governments.

Making sustainable high-speed transport a reality is a team effort. That is why EuroTube takes a collaborative approach to the development of the technology. Firstly, we want to equally involve governments, universities and industry in the process. Secondly, we soon want to make our test facilities publicly available in order to jointly define standards and regulations.


Illustration: Stefan Scherrer


We accelerate the development of sustainable vacuum transport by fostering R&D, providing testing facilities and creating synergies within the community.

EuroTube R&D Illustration


We design and develop all necessary technologies with industry partners and academia.

EuroTube Incubator&Transfair Illustration

Testing Facilities

We provide public test facilities so that everyone can participate in the development of vacuum transport.

EuroTube Certification&Regulation Illustration


We are working together on standardization and regulations of the industry.



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We need innovative projects to tackle the challenges in the transportation sector.

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The EuroTube Foundation is an independent Swiss research foundation recognized as a center of strategic importance. We study, develop and test the technology that will make the hyperloop work by 2030.

Yes, hyperloop is just a catchy name for vacuum transportation.

Yes. The technological steps to make vacuum transport possible are already available today, we have already identified which “ingredients” are required to make it sustainable.

CST is similar to a conveyor belt –  transporting goods along tunnels at 30 km/h with driverless vehicles ( Instead, at EuroTube we are developing the next evolution of ground transport, a high-speed system ( 900 km/h) for both cargos and passengers.

No, it is not. Swissmetro was initially presented to the public in 1974 by Eng. Rodolphe Nieth and then in 1998, the project was submitted for evaluation to the Swiss Federal Government SwissMetro project was discontinued due to missing political and financial support.

EuroTube is a research foundation and technology incubator which is directly supported by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). We focus on establishing the best vacuum technology for the future in terms of sustainability, ecology, energy efficiency, and minimizing the impact of new infrastructure on the landscape. The idea behind the technology of Swissmetro (1974) and EuroTube (2021) is the same, but we’re ahead in technology development, and adjusted to the newest standards and methods for sustainability, and energy efficiency on the market.